Baseball may be America's favorite sport, but its less popular sibling also has a following of its own in many circles. Those who enjoyed baseball as kids may also find softball as a very good alternative.

A new player of softball will find that it is very similar to baseball, which should be the case because softball is a direct descendant of baseball. Invented in 1882 in Chicago, the game was originally planned to be an indoor game, especially for women. While playing softball, women didn't need to think about their problems in the job, about their children, or about their eyelash growth. Eventually the game was put outside and it turned out to become a favorite sport in recreation parks.

Differences between softball and baseball are largely cosmetic. Bats in softball are smaller, but the balls are larger and less dense, which making them easier to strike. Meanwhile, baseball games take a longer time to conclude than a softball game, with the former having nine innings compared to the latter's seven. The most notable difference is in the method of pitching, as softball requires pitches to be given underhand, while baseball uses an overhand delivery.

Many recreational parks include a softball diamond, in which you can play with your friends and family. If you don't have suitable clothing for playing softball, you can easily get them at your local dealer or a warehouse sale. Recreational softball allows slow pitching, which requires the pitcher to loft the ball up to a certain height before sending it underhand to the batter. This way it becomes even easier for the batter to strike the ball and push the game forward.

It is not just about health and enjoyment. The health benefits of engaging yourself in a sport like softball also provides a good boost to your health, like a lot of other recreational sporting activities that you can participate in a park. By the way, some parks are always looking for softball referees, so if you are interested in sports and say "I need a job now", don't hesitate to ask for job opportunities in your local park.

So what else are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your balls and bats.