Come for a picnic at your favourite park which is both recreational and unwinding for you. However, in the present times we are often busy meeting deadlines and keep postponing our desire of being out in the open. We tend to forget that this is in fact an investment we make in order to improve our own physical and mental well-being and that of our near and dear ones.

Being at the park and breathing in the fresh air can do wonders to our health and you don't even need your credit card. We are near nature and the surroundings draw all the tiredness and stress out of us making us filled with joy. This helps to de-stress ourselves and make us feel lighter and happier. Being surrounded by friends and family makes it even better and gives us a sense of calmness which is a blessing in itself. This can be unwinding for us and makes us charged with energy to take on newer challenges in the days to come. Basking leisurely under the sun while being served with our favorite snacks and drinks is enjoyed by all of us. There can be sharing of experiences, jokes, songs or just leisure talk which can be very refreshing. If you can't live without a cigarette after your meal, you should consider bringing an eletronic cigarette, so that you don't have to abstain from something.

Did you ever think of a destination wedding in a park? The amazing feeling of being surrounded by nature at your favourite park can only be felt and not described in words. This also brings back memories of childhood when one wants to be free and liberated and this can be shared if small kids are around. Picnic at your favourite park can give bring back the joys of life and give us time to be with our friends and family which we often miss in the fast paced life. Still thinking! Now is time to come to your favorite park with your loved ones and enjoy the blessings of nature and be a healthier and happier you.