Baseball is one of the most famous games of all times. It involves a lot of energy and determination from every side of the team so that they can emerge winners. At the end of the day, every player and fans watching the game enjoy every minute spent on the game. Well, the same and even more can be achieved at this park. We have a state of the art baseball court where everyone who likes the game can come and enjoy himself/herself together with family and friends.

Our court is not only for those who are professional baseball players. We also accommodate those who are not professional players. In fact, it is always our joy to see guys playing this game even if they are not really professionals. We have a team of trainers who will always be near to answer any question and also assist where it is needed. In addition to that, baseball equipment doesn't have to be expensive if you buy at singapore sales or something like that. You can not afford to miss on this opportunity to enjoy yourself while at the same time exercising every part of your body the healthy way.

Please check the conditions of your health insurance before playing baseball. Strange as it sounds, some contracts exclude injuries that happen in this game. Although that's as often the case as that your car breakdown cover doesn't cover breakdowns outside of city limits, it's worth a check. You certainly don't want to get to the hospital with a sprained ankle and then pay the treatment yourself.

You and your family and friends will at all times feel at home with our hospitality and quality of services. You can feel free to bring every friend and every family member alike and form a team that can compete against another one formed by other visitors. We are all about healthy competition and having fun at the end of the day.

You can pop in any day of the week you feel like and expect to get only the very best. We have the most friendly rates around and therefore, your wallet needs are well taken care of at all times. Whenever you feel like having some fun while at the same time exercising, do not hesitate to come over to our park because we will and have always ensured that you are taken care of at all times.