American Football

One of America's most popular sports is American football and, of course, you can also play American football in a park. American football was played in 1869 for the first time at universities like the Rutgers University. At this time, the sport was much more dangerous than it is today with all the protective equipment.

However, when you play American football in a park, you probably won't use all the protective equipment professional football players use. You will probably only wear a regular sports dress. You also won't have a full size football field which is 120 yards in length and about 53 yards wide.

That's why most people play so-called touch football on a recreational basis. In contrast to regular - also called tackle football - you don't need to tackle a player to the ground to end an attempt, but you only need to touch the player. Two variants of touch football are the one-hand and two-hand touch. As the name implies, the difference is the number of hands that need to touch a player to end a move.

Apart from that, the rules of tackle and touch football are similar although the latter is much less formal. In the end, the purpose of touch football is to have fun and not to execute complicated moves or to argue about eligible receivers.